How to create a line graph in Excel

You cannot generate an Excel graph directly using CoolSpools, but there is a workaround.

1) Run CVTDBFXLSX or CVTDBFXL to create a spreadsheet, specifying your PF in the FILE() parameter. Specify a worksheet name of Data.
2) Open the generated spreadsheet with MS Excel and add a second worksheet named Graph, then add a line graph in the new worksheet based on the data in worksheet Data.
3) Run CVTDBFXLSX or CVTDBFXL again, outputting to the same Excel spreadsheet but specifying STMFOPT(*RPLXLSSHT) RPLXLSSHT(Data).

Each time you run step 3 the Data worksheet will be overwritten, and the line graph in the Graph worksheet should be updated to reflect the new set of data.