How to create Excel Spreadsheets, from spool files, using report definitions and excel maps.

Converting Spool Files to Professional Excel Spreadsheets.

This article contains a link to a presentation that shows 'How To' create professional looking Excel Spreadsheets.

The presentation covers the following :-

  • How to create Report definitions.
  • How to create Excel maps.
  • Extraction of details from more than one data line off the report.
  • Split the report, to create separately named worksheets.
  • Format the worksheets, so key data is shown in the header.
  • Create a summary worksheet, showing a breakdown of the data from the other tabs.
  • Align columns containing character data, to the left and columns containing numeric data to the right and to contain 000's separators.
  • Show the report title utilising Excel Placeholders.
  • Display the date, worksheet, and page number within the footer, utilisting Excel Placeholders.
  • Style the column headers to make them more distinctive.
  • Use border styling around the report.


See the attached links to view the presentation.