How to use CVTDBFXL and CVTDBFXLSX (V7) with maps, to create professional looking spreadsheets.

Converting Database Files to Excel.

This article contains a link to presentations that show 'How To' create professional looking spreadsheets.

The presentation covers the following :-

  • How to create Database to Excel Maps.
  • Manage Rows and Cells.
  • Create Column Headings.
  • Create Report Footers, including totalling.
  • Splitting data into separate worksheets and naming the worksheets.
  • Inclusion of  Logos.
  • Applying style formatting.
  • Applying conditional formatting.
  • Appendix showing the style colours available.


See the attached links to view the presentation.

Please note, the command (CVTDBFXLSX) is available with Version 7.