Using the new V7 command functionality to create dynamic and professional Excel Spreadsheets.

Importing Excel Data, combine with existing data and create Professional Excel Spreadsheet.

This article contains a link to a presentation that show 'How To' create professional looking spreadsheets, incorporating new version 7 functionality.

The presentation covers the following :-

  • Importing Excel Spreadsheets, into iseries database files.
  • How to create Database to Excel Maps.
  • Combine imported data with existing data.
  • Dynamic use of images.
  • Formatting the footer, with Excel placeholders.
  • Distinctive Headings.
  • Styling and reformatting of data and numeric field editing.
  • Zebra formatting, to make each row more distinctive.
  • Sorting, retaining zebra formatting.
  • Each key section in a separately named worksheet.
  • Summary worksheet utilising new Version 7 report breaks and summaries.
  • Freezing of columns.
  • Overall professional finish.
  • Appendix showing the style colours available.