Email stops working after OS upgrade to V7R1M0

If you are using IBM SMTP to send Emails from your iSeries and after upgrading the iSeries operating system to V7R1 or later Coolspools Email stops working, it could be due to changes IBM have made to the configuration of SMTP.

To resolve the problem:




CHGSMTPA <F4> change the Forwarding mailhub server parameter (FWDHUBSVR on the last page) from *NONE to be the same as Mail router parameter (MAILROUTER) .


Retry Coolspools Email.


For more information regarding the change see the 'IBM i Memo to user V7R1'

(Note: subsequent release documents such as  'IBM i Memo to user V7R2' refer you back to the V7R1 memo.)




MAILROUTER feature changes

The MAILROUTER feature before i V7R1 would in some instances, forward all mail to the mail router even if the e-mail address could be resolved. In i V7R1, MAILROUTER correctly forwards to the mail router only when the e-mail address does not resolve. The FWDMAILHUB feature was added in i 6.1 that allowed the forwarding of e-mail to a single address. FWDMAILHUB always forwards the e-mail and does not attempt a resolve. MAILROUTER only supports A and AAAA records, while FWDMAILHUB supports MX, CNAME, AAAA, and A.

The resolve path is now:

Forwarding Mail hub(if defined)->

Absolute Address/First part of source route->

mailrouter(if same domain)->

mailrouter(different domain) if FIREWALL(*YES).