Apple Mail client on iOS and Mac

The Apple Mail client sometimes exhibits difficulty presenting email message content that is rendered without issue by other mail clients.  This is a particular issue with inline images (those embedded within the message body) using the *CID option, as the Apple Mail client can incorrectly render the image data as text.

If this is an issue that you are experiencing, or are concerned may effect you, there is an enhancement available in CoolSpools V7R1 fix pack 058 and upwards.  This enhancement allows CoolSpools to structure multipart MIME messages in a slightly different way that is better handled by the Apple Mail client (while still being handled correctly by other mail clients too).

In order to make use of this change you will need to update your CoolSpools environment to the latest fix pack level (if you are not already at 058 or later) and then set an Environment Variable to activate the enhanced email logic:


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