Starting Multiple Coolspools SMTP jobs

There are two distinct jobs that process Coolspools SMTP email deliveries.  CM_SNDSVRR is the main SMTP sending job and delivers emails.  CM_RTYSVRR is the retry job, and retries any failed email deliveries after a set period of time.

Within your Coolspools SMTP configuration you can set the number of CM_SNDSVRR jobs to be started when Coolspools SMTP next restarts.  It is possible for Coolspools to operate with a single instance of this job, but when multiple jobs are started then the processing of email deliveries is shared amongst those jobs, which can be beneficial if there is a large volume of email messages to process.

Use command CFGSMTPSVR to set the default number of CM_SNDSVRR jobs to be started (this can be overridden by the parameters of the STRSMTPSVR command when starting the jobs.

The CFGSMTPSVR command also allows you to configure the number and frequency of retries performed by CM_RTYSVRR.

Please be aware that simply increasing the number of SMTP send jobs and the frequency of retries will not necessarily increase performance.  There may be bottlenecks outside of Coolspools (e.g. network firewalls or mail servers) that result in delays and possible errors should a large volume of SMTP requests be received concurrently, especially if those emails are being sent to the same recipient address.

Coolspools is shipped with a default setting of three CM_SNDSVRR jobs, but Ariadne Software are not in a position to provide a blanket recommendation of the best settings for these parameters, as this will vary from site to site based on your organisation's infrastructure.  If you do experience any delays in email delivery, then we would recommend adjusting these parameters until you find the combination of settings that works best for you.

When increasing or decreasing the number of CM_SNDSVRR jobs, we strongly recommend that you end the current jobs using command ENDSMTPSVR, and once they have ended restart using command STRSMTPSVR with the new required number of jobs.  We do not recommend running STRSMTPSVR while jobs are already running in order to incrementally increase the number of jobs.