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Article Text Icon Promoting CoolSpools from Test to Live Article rated 5.0/5.0
 FAQ: CoolSpools and Promotion from Test to Live   We run CoolSpools on separate UAT and Live servers, how can we promote CoolSpools commands to our Live server once they have been tested ...
Article Text Icon High Availability and Replication Systems Article rated 3.7/5.0
FAQ: CoolSpools and H.A./Replication We're using a High Availability system that replicates our objects and data to a backup system. What do I have to do in relation to CoolSpools etc? Data...
Article Text Icon Uninstalling CoolSpools V6 Article rated 3.0/5.0
If you have CoolSpools V7 installed and are removing CoolSpools V6 , you should be aware that CoolSpools V6 and V7 share registered functions. Registered functions are used to manage user authorities ...
Article Text Icon Currently supported versions Article rated 3.0/5.0
FAQ: Supported versions When transferring licences to a new machine or LPAR, new keys will only be issued for supported versions of CoolSpools as detailed below. What versions of your softwar...

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