Assigning styles to rows in excel when using a Database-to-Excel map

When using a Database-to-excel map CoolSpools can not determine the type of row (e.g. header, column header, data, etc) to apply the relevant styles.

In this circumstance, to associate a style with a row in an Excel spreadsheet you should define a style with the same name as the relevant row group in your Database-to-excel map.

By defining the style name in this way you implicitly apply that style to the data in question. For example, a style called COL_HEAD will be implicitly and automatically applied to an map row group called COL_HEAD.

It is important to note that style names are case-sensitive so the style and row group names must match exactly in terms of case.


Here is an example.

A Database-to-excel map is created with the following row groups:

HEADINGS which contains the sub-row groups RPT_TITLE, SELECTIONS and COL_HD.

RECORD mapping the database fields to excel cells.



This command shows how to specify the styles for heading rows of the sheet.

CVTDBFXL FROMFILE(*MAP)                                    
                   *DFT *NO *AUTOFIT *ARIAL 10 *YES *NO *DOUBLE)
                   (RPT_TITLE *YES *NO *GENERAL *NONE *BOTTOM
                    *DFT *NO *AUTOFIT *ARIAL 14 *YES *NO *NO *WHITE *BLUE)
                    *NO *AUTOFIT *ARIAL 10 *YES *YES))