Support keys

When you purchased licenses for any version of CoolSpools software you will have been sent one or more LICENCE KEY.

Your license keys validate your entitlement to run the software. After the initial 30-day trial period, the software will no run unless you have at least a temporary license key.

Our license keys are managed using IBM license key management. You add them with OS/400 command ADDLICKEY, you display them using DSPLICKEY etc.

A license key is a string of 18 hex characters.

Starting from CoolSpools V6, you also need a SUPPORT KEY if you want to install fix packs (PTFs). Support keys are different from license keys.

The support key validates your support and maintenance contract with Ariadne and your eligibility to install fixes. It is valid until the next maintenance renewal date.

You cannot install Version 6 or 7 fix packs without a valid support key. Fix packs are downloaded in encrypted zip files and only our LODFIX command can decrypt them. LODFIX will validate that there is a valid support key for the system before proceeding.

If you have a current support and maintenance contract with Ariadne, you will be sent a support key along with your license keys for V6 or V7 and a new support key will be emailed to you every time you renew your support and maintenance contract.

Support keys take the form of a string of 32 hex characters and are managed by our own software, not IBM license management.

You should use the SAVSUPKEY (Save Support Key) command that is supplied with CoolSpools Version 6 or 7 to save the support key on the system so you don't have to remember it and key it in when you come to install fixes.

If you have not received your support key, or if you've mislaid it, please raise a support ticket via the portal and request your support key. Make sure you provide the serial number and LPAR of the system for which you require a key.