Special arrangements for Backup, Disaster Recovery (D.R.) and High Availability (H.A.) machines

CoolSpools and backup systems

Do I need to buy a license for my backup/D.R. system?

Do you have special deals for backup systems??

Yes, we have special arrangements for backup or Disaster Recovery (D.R.) or High Availability (H.A.) systems.

We define a backup system as one where the software will only ever be run as an alternative to an already licensed system, or short periods of testing (no more than 30 days per annum).

In relation to backup systems, you have two choices:

  1. Obtain a temporary licence key for CoolSpools on your backup system every time you want or need to run the software there.

    So long as you have a current support and maintenance for your main system, we can send you temporary licence keys to allow up to 30 days usage per annum free of charge.

    The advantage of this approach is, obviously, that it costs you nothing.

    However, it also has the major disadvantage that you will need to contact us and ask for a key each time, and we cannot guarantee to turn around requests for temporary licence keys in less than two working days.

    That will probably be fine if you're just planning a D.R. test, but in the event of a real disaster, you could be without CoolSpools for a couple of days or more.

  2. Obtain an annual licence key for CoolSpools on your backup system from us.

    Where customers certify to us that a system is a backup system (as defined above), we are willing to allow a FREE annual licence key for that system, on condition that you agree to take out annual support and maintenance for the backup system in addition to your live system.

    In the case of a backup system, the support and maintenance is not free in the first year (as there is no initial licence fee into which they can be bundled!), so we will only release the free annual temporary licence key on receipt of payment of the first year's support and maintenance charges for the backup system. This will be renewed annually upon payment of subsequent support and maintenance charges.

    Since our licence keys are tied to a specific serial number and LPAR number, clearly this is only an option where the details of the system are known in advance and may not therefore be suitable for D.R. support and maintenance where the identity of the machine to be used in the event of a disaster is unpredictable.

Please contact ariadne Sales for further information or to receive a formal quote.