IBM Netserver, QNTC and windows 10

Extract from an IBM Announcement.


If you are currently using Netserver (the IBM i Service that allows you to map a network drive) and QNTC (the ability to read and write to a Windows Share directly from your IBM i) the following information is relevant:

Recent Cryptovirus’s from the “Wanna” and “Petya” strains, used a known vulnerability in the Server Message Block (SMB) version 1 protocol. In order to avoid this customers need to stop using SMBv1 and switch to SMBv2 instead. Some customers may have already experienced a loss of access to mapped drives due to their internal network and security teams disabling SMBv1.

From the end of 2017 Microsoft are going to start disabling the SMBv1 protocol by default, which will start with an update to Windows 10. Again this will result in those users being unable to access mapped drives.

What do you need to do?

SMBv2 is not supported at IBM i 7.1 or earlier therefore to use SMBv2 you need to be running IBM i 7.2 with the latest patches installed or IBM i 7.3.

With support for IBM i V7.1 also being withdrawn by IBM at the end of April 2018 you should also plan an upgrade as soon as possible or if your server can't support IBM i 7.2 or above consider replacing your server. We can help with each scenario.

The link below provides information as to which versions of IBM i OS are supported by model:

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