Email stops working after applying IBM cumulative PTF package

A number of Customers have reported a problem sending emails after applying an IBM cumulative PTF package.  The CoolSpools commands hang when sending an email using the IBM MSF/SMTP method.  Sending emails using the CoolSpools SMTP server is not effected.


The IBM PTF causing the problem is:

IBM i release V7R1 Product 5770TC1 PTF SI51172, which is in cumulative ptf package C4143710. The PTF is in error and causes MCH1001/QTMMCUTL to loop after it is applied.

This PTF has been superceded by PTF SI54738.


Ariadne Software Limited offers this information for guidance only. It is your responsibilty to determine if this is the correct action for your company. Ariadne Software Limited accepts no liability.


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