Compatibility with versions of OS/400 (IBM i)

FAQ: CoolSpools and OS/400 (IBM i)

What versions of OS/400 is your software compatible with?

CoolSpools V7

The latest version of software is CoolSpools V7 which supersedes all previous software versions, including Slipstream, CoolTools and Communiqué as well as CoolSpools and CoolSpools PLUS.

CoolSpools V7 is compatible with all versions of OS/400 and IBM i from V6R1M0 up to V7R4M0 (IBM i 7.4).

CoolSpools V6 is compatible with all versions of OS/400 and IBM i from V5R3M0 up to V7R4M0 (IBM i 7.4).

If you are upgrading OS/400 from V5R4M0 or earlier to V6R1M0 (IBM i 6.1) or later, there is additional information about that process here.

If you are running a system on OS/400 V5R2M0 or earlier, then it is not possible to install any of the currently supported CoolSpools versions.  Note that OS/400V5R2M0 has been out of IBM support since April 2007.

Software Products and supported versions of OS/400 (IBM i)

Licensed program name Licensed program ID Minimum OS/400 level Maximum OS/400 level
CoolSpools V7 7COOLSP V6R1M0 V7R4M0
CoolSpools V6 6COOLSP V5R3M0 V7R4M0
CoolSpools PLUS V5 5COOLSP V5R1M0 (See note) V7R3M0
CoolSpools V5 5CVTSPL V5R1M0 (See note) V7R1M0
CoolSpools V4 4CVTSPL V4R5M0 V7R1M0
CoolSpools V3 3CVTSPL V4R5M0 V7R1M0
CoolSpools V2 2CVTSPL V4R3M0 V7R1M0
Slipstream V4 4STMEXP V5R1M0 (See note) V7R1M0
Slipstream V3 3STMEXP V4R5M0 V7R1M0
Slipstream V2 2STMEXP V4R5M0 V7R1M0
Communiqué V1 1CMNQUE V5R1M0 (See note) V7R1M0
CoolTools V2 2SPLTLS V5R1M0 (See note) V7R1M0
CoolTools V1 1SPLTLS V4R5M0 V7R1M0

Note about OS/400 V5R2M0

Current CoolSpools versions have been installed and tested on IBM i servers upto and including V7R4M0.  The CoolSpools code is built for distribution from a server at V6R1M0 (IBM i 6.1).  We are aware that this is an outdated O/S version, but it allows us to distribute code to O/S versions back to V5R3 (IBM i 5.3).

This means that we are not longer able to compile for V5R2M0 or earlier, so are no longer able to produce PTFs/fixes/enhancements for the products listed above that will run on OS/400 V5R2M0.