Download CoolSpools Email

Please complete the following short questionnaire so we can send you the information you need to download CoolSpools Email. Please type your email address carefully. You will not be able to complete the download if it is entered incorrectly.

Since you are downloading a single product option, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the CoolSpools Base (*BASE) option first. CoolSpools Base is a prerequisite for all other product options.

If you have installed CoolSpools Base or other CoolSpools options at any earlier date, you may need to apply a fix pack first to ensure that the existing installed code is compatible with the code you are installing now.

The code level of the code you are about to download is . Check the code level of the existing installed CoolSpools options by running COOLSPV7R1/DSPPRDINF and pressing F11. If the current code level shown there is not , you must install fix pack first before installing the new code, which is at a different code level and therefore potentially incompatible with the code you currently have installed.

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