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While CoolSpools Spool Converter gives you the functionality to converts a system i (AS/400, iSeries) spooled file to a variety of formats, such as PDF and Excel, and CoolSpools Database lets you extract data from your database files in Excel, XML, CSV, HTML and text formats, CoolSpools Email lets you email those files to users and customers, or send other email messages with or without attachments.

However, for these email messages to be routed and delivered successfully, you must have previously configured and activated the appropriate email environment on your system i. The documents and links below explain the basics of setting up and managing email on the system i as well as how to diagnose and troubleshoot email-related problems.

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Email setup notes

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Getting started with system i email

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IBM knowledgebase email articles

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IBM system i email summary

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IBM system i email capabilities redbook(3.5 Mb)

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