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2010-07-19: CoolSpools V6 now out of beta

CoolSpools Version 6 is now out of beta and generally available to both new and existing customers. We are planning a series of announcements and offers in relation to Version 6 targeted at existing customers over the next few months.

If you'd like to learn more about the exciting new features that V6 has to offer, see our What's New in V6 page.

Existing customers who are interested in upgrading to V6 should check our V6 Upgrade page.

2010-06-01: Important information for customers running OS/400 V5R1M0

We have now upgraded our test server to IBM i 7.1 (OS/400 V7R1M0) to allow us to test our software at the new release of the IBM i operating system. In order to allow us to save objects from the test server (V7R1M0) back to our development server (previously at V5R3M0), we have now also upgraded our development server to OS/400 V5R4M0.

The good news is that, as expected, no issues related to our software running on IBM i 7.1 (OS/400 V7R1M0) have so far come to light.

The bad news for customers running OS/400 V5R1M0 is that we are no longer able to compile for that release. Consequently, we are no longer able to produce PTFs/fixes/enhancements for the products listed below that will run on OS/400 V5R1M0. The minimum OS/400 release needed to run or install a PTF for any of these products is no OS/400 V5R2M0:

Product name Last V5R1M0-compatible PTF
CoolSpools PLUS 5CP0191
CoolSpools V5 5CV0306
Slipstream V4 4SX0099
Communiqué V1 1CM0087
CoolTools V2 2ST0070

If you are an existing customer running any of the above products on OS/400 V5R1M0, the software will continue to run as before, but you will be unable to install any PTFs after those listed above.

If you are a prospective customer running V5R1M0, we can still provide a version of the above software capable of running on OS/400 V5R1M0 (see our download page), but support will be limited in that no PTFs can now be produced that can be installed on V5R1M0.

2009-11-21: Important information for customers planning to use Windows 7

An issue has come to light with Excel files created by CoolSpools and Slipstream that means that they give an error message when opened by any version of Excel on Windows 7. If you respond OK to the message, the file can then be opened, but some formatting is lost.

A fix is available for this issue. See this FAQ answer for further details.

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