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FAQ: CoolSpools and Excel 2010

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I'm running CoolSpools V6, CoolSpools PLUS, CoolSpools V5 or Slipstream V4 and am having problems opening Excel files in Excel 2010.

There are a number of known issues relating to Excel 2010 opening Excel files created by CoolSpools V6, CoolSpools PLUS, CoolSpools V5 or Slipstream V4 (or any earlier versions of CoolSpools or Slipstream). These are now fixed in the latest version of CoolSpools V6.

These issues are related to, but separate from, those already fixed in respect of Windows 7. See this FAQ answer for further details of known Windows 7 issues and their solution.

Office 2010 and Windows 7 apply a number of additional validation checks to files when they are opened, (see this Microsoft knowledgebase article for further details), which means that files that could be opened without problems by earlier versions of Excel cannot be opened in the new version.

The issues in this area can be categorized at two levels:

If you are encountering problems with opening files in Excel 2010, you should first ensure that you have installed the latest fix pack or PTF for the product you are running.

If you continue to experience the problem with files that were created after the latest fix pack or PTF was installed, please raise an issue with us through the support portal.

Please remember that any files that were created before the fix was applied will continue to give problems. The fix can only ensure that newly created files open without problems under Excel 2010. If you cannot recreate the files that are giving problems, you will need to open them with an earlier version of Excel and re-save them before they can be opened by Excel 2010.

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