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FAQ: Including images in your PDFs

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My document prints on a pre-printed form and I need to see that inside the PDF. Can CoolSpools do that?

I'd like to display a company logo (watermark, other graphic etc.) in my PDF. Can I do that?

Yes, and much more easily than you probably think. There's no need to buy additional software or mess around creating page overlay objects. All you need is a JPEG or a GIF.

INCLFILE parameter

When you create a PDF file from your spooled file using CVTSPLPDF, you can use the INCLFILE (Include File) parameter to specify a number (anything between 1 and 32) of image files (either JPEGs or GIFs) that can be included in the file. These can be either mono or color.

You might use this feature just to include a company logo, a watermark or some other small graphic, or it can be used to present the entire report or document on a background form.

Using INCLFILE to create a form/background for your document

This feature is often used to reproduce the appearance of a preprinted form and can be extremely effective at doing that, creating attractive, readable PDFs.

Here are a few tips that might help you if you want to try this:

Other options

The INCLFILE parameter has a number of other options you might find helpful, including the ability to:

Using an exit program

If the options available from the INCLFILE command parameter don't satisfy your requirements, consider using an exit program to control the inclusion of images in your output.

Using an exit program, you can:

See this FAQ answer for further details of how to write an exit program.

Refer to the CoolSpools Spool Converter Programmer's Guide for a full specification of the APIs you call from your exit program to tell CoolSpools to include an image file. The relevant data structure is CS_INC01. You can use the *PAGNBR option to specify which page an image should appear on.

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